DIY Edible Images

Do you have a birthday or a party coming up? Do you want to add some spice to the birthday or party? If yes, try out our edible cake toppers and add meaning to your birthday party celebrations. The edible images shown below are picture perfect, which means they look exactly the way the original pictures look like.

Edible Photo Cakes

Our edible images are completely safe as they are made from food coloring dye inks. These dyes are used to create the perfect picture on real sheets of frosting. Such cake toppers or cake images are usually made by professional bakers all over the world. Now, you dont have to spend lots of money asking the professional bakers to give you a personalized cake.

Just prepare a regular cake and use our cake images over the cakes. The next thing that you would be wondering about is the size. Well, we offer edible images that fit on the top of cakes that are 9 inches or larger. Dont worry about the shapes as we have cake shapes that are round, rectangular, and square among others. (Now including cupcakes!)

Placing our edible images on the cakes is very easy and you can do it with ease. Remember to place the images a little slowly on the cakes. If you are planning to write some special messages for your loved ones, make sure that you leave some space on the cake. Our edible images can be easily cut. So, if you feel that the size is a bit to large, go ahead and make the adjustments.